Accelio is a high-performance asynchronous reliable messaging and RPC library optimized for hardware acceleration. RDMA as well as other transport implementations, such as TCP/IP, shared-memory, and others can take advantage of efficient and convenient API.

Accelio is designed to maximize message and CPU parallelism, while minimizing CPU contention and locking and enabling zero data copy communication procedures. The result is an unparalleled performance gains as measured by transactions per second, latency (Ping-Pong and under load), bandwidth, and CPU overhead.

Accelio guarantees lossless end-to-end transaction delivery/execution, and automatically recovers from communication failures or failed message delivery. Accelio supports transactional request/replay communication model, or reliable (acceptance of) messages.

Accelio aims to provide an easy-to-use, reliable, scalable, and high performance data/message delivery middleware that maximizes the efficiency of modern CPU and network infrastructure.